Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Manufacturing Services

NDY Manufacturing is a family-owned and operated business that has been in service since 2008. Founded by Gene Shoup, our company specializes in offering and customizing quality-made products for various industries.

Why Choose Us


We have a full inventory of quality-made products for manufacturing industries. If you need a part or component made, we can do it for you. Our crew has the ability to perform machine processing such as milling, turning, welding, and bending.

Excellent Service

Since we are a small, family company, you can expect friendly and professional service from each of our employees. We ensure that our customers feel at ease with us as we provide the service or product you need.

Competitive Price Points

The parts, components, and other materials we offer are available at great prices. We want to offer the best products at reasonable rates.

Connect With Us

We put our best foot forward in every job we do.

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