Stalk Stompers for John Deere 600/700 Series, Years 2008 – 2011 Cornheads

John Deere 700 series will be the same part number as a 600 series

John Deere 606C30 non-choppingJohn Deere 606SM30
John Deere 608C30 non-choppingJohn Deere 608SM30 chopping stalk stompers
612C30 Non-Chopping612 SM30R choppingJohn Deere 612C20/22 non choppingJohn Deere 612SM20/22 chopping stalk stompers


NDY Stalk Stompers for John Deere Cornheads feature:John Deere Combine Stalk Stomper

  • One pin quick release
  • Standard three position mount
  • Greasable pivot
  • Case hardened inner and outer bushings
  • Mounts using existing gearbox bolts
  • Optional storage mounts
  • 14″ twin row shoes available