Job Shop

As a job shop, NDY Manufacturing is able to offer a variety of services to create custom products and parts for our clients. In addition to the basic manufacturing of fabricated products, we can also customize and finish products by laser cutting, sandblasting, and powder coating. With our ability to perform milling, turning, rolling, bending, welding, cutting, and more, we can create new custom pieces as well as use reverse engineering to repair or replace old and damaged parts.

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Laser Cutting

laser cuttingOur laser cutting services can be accomplished with our 4 kW 5’x10’ Bystronic CO2 laser or our 6 kW 6’x12’ Bystronic CO2 laser. Laser cutting capacity is 1.25″.

Maximum cutting thickness is 1.25” for steel, 3/4” for aluminum, 5/8” for stainless steel, and 3/16” for galvanized steel. We also have the ability to letter and number engrave.

Press Brakes/Rolling

press brakesWith our press brakes, we can perform metal forming and bending for sheet metal and other plate materials. Our press brakes include a 320 ton 12′ Accurpress and a 60 ton 6′ Accurpress…

And the newest addition is our 200 Ton BYSTRONIC brake.

CNC Machining

NDY Manufacturing offers services for turning and milling with indexers. Our turning and milling equipment includes:

  • Fryer CNC vertical mill, 30”Y, 60”X, 26 “Z, with U rotary axis indexer
  • Milltronics CNC vertical mill, 20”Y, 40”X, 26”Z, 32 station
  • Milltronics CNC lathe, 23” swing, 60” bed, 3.22” spindle bore, 8-station tool changer
  • Multiple Manual lathes and presses to do almost any size and type of job


welding repairNDY Manufacturing’s welding services include Mig, Tig, and Arc welding for steel, aluminum, and stainless steel materials. We also recently acquired a welding robot. The new Motomann SSA2000 Has been a huge help in our production welding.

Saw Cutting

saw cuttingAt NDY Manufacturing, we have high column saws and CNC cut-to-length saws. These high quality saws can cut any length of stock and many types of metal or wood manufactured materials. Our saws are precise, and we can finish any sawing job to your specifications.


fabrication job shopNDY Manufacturing offers custom fabrication to fit any old or worn out part. Or if you have a new idea, NDY can help make the first prototypes and then go on to make production quantities. We have the equipment to service all types of jobs, large and small.

Sand Blasting

sand blasting job shopNDY Manufacturing offers sandblasting services. Our 60′ x 40′ blasting room allows us to work with many types of materials, so whether you need equipment roughened, smoothed, or shaped, our large blasting room can make it happen.

Powder Coating

powder coating job shopNDY Manufacturing can also take care of your finishing needs. With our powder coat booth, powder coat oven, and sandblasting room, as well as a variety of colors, we can finish any product to your specifications. We have several types of equipment for powder coating services. We have a 33′ L x 11′ H x 11′ W powder coat booth, as well as a 34′ L x 11′ H x 11′ W batch oven, so we can professionally powder coat many types of metal products. Bring your items needing powder coat to us for a clean, professional job.

Our equipment includes:
• 33′ L x 11′ H x 11′ W powder coat booth
• 34’L x 11’H x 11’W powder coat oven
• 60’ x 40’ sandblasting room
Finishing services include:
• Parts washing
• Piece work
• Production work
• Hundreds of colors
• Textured colors

Equipment Repair/Reverse Engineering

equipment repairNDY Manufacturing offers equipment repair and reverse engineering to either repair or make new equipment parts. This is possible with our expertise, experience, and equipment that allows us to create almost everything.

Equipment includes:
• High column saws and cut-to-length saws
reverse engineering repair shop• CNC oxy fuel cutting to 3”
• 1/4” x 10’ shear
• (4) 5 ton overhead cranes
• (4) Large fixture floor plates
• Hydraulic tube bender
• Plate roll 4’ x 5/16”
• 75 ton hydraulic press

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